Have you ever wanted to get 100 people to your site? Well, now you can! Use THESE steps!!


1. Plug Your Site

Plugging sites means that you can advertise your site. It goes to a plugboard that advertises. Then, find about 10-20 sites and then say a meaningful "You're site is great!! I mean, really great! Here's mine:" or something like that. When your site is off the plugboard, keep on pluggin' it up!! xD


2. Daily What?

You should edit your site daily so people will keep on coming. :)  Also, put very, very, VERY good things in it so it gets more popular. You should also keep pluggin' yo site!! xD

3. Oh no! What happened?

If you brag about all these good stuff about your site, then they will NOT go to it. Have fun!


-Life xD